Premium Offerings

For Applicants

NuHealth Premium Report Booklet: Customized program lists that allow you to compare your top schools before applying

The report allows applicants to review extensive customized program lists that make comparison simple and easy. It will describe data in greater detail and explain what each Section Score is, how to interpret the data, why it is meaningful to applicants and how to leverage that information into stronger applications and interviews.

Programs are presented in 4 categories for applicants’ consideration:

Your Recommended Top 10 Program Ratings - Total Score:

“Recommended Programs” or “RPs” are a list of up to 10 programs that rate the highest across preferred domains as designated by the purchaser of this report. For example, if “Cost”, “Graduation Rate” and “Curriculum” are the domains designated as most important, this list will be to top 10 programs that score in the top half of all programs in all 3 categories. Depending on the number of designations made, this list may be less than 10 programs.

Your Designated Top 10 Program Ratings - Total Score:

“Designated Programs” or “DPs” are a list of 10 programs designated by the purchaser for side-by-side comparison. Scores appear the same as reported on the Nuhealth website ratings.

Your Weighted Top 10 Programs- Total Score (weighted):

“Weighted Programs” or “WPs” are the purchaser’s DPs ranked in order based on the domains designated as most important. This will allow purchasers to visualize what designated programs score highest in preferred domains with a new weighted score.

Individual Section Scores:

Analysis of how Designated Programs rank amongst each other in each individual category.


The purpose of the report is to act as a tool to assist DPT school applicants in weighing benefits or drawbacks for several factors that are important in choosing where to attend. The final decision of any program attendance is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. NuHealth Solutions and its creator is not liable for dissatisfaction and/or unsatisfactory outcomes that may result from choosing to attend/not attend any DPT program.

For Institutions

NuHealth Program Analysis Report: Detailed report of program data and scoring in all categories

  • Insight to areas of strengths and improvement

  • Analyze performance compared to other programs

  • Review of student and alumni feedback where applicable

NuHealth Consultations: advising sessions upon request

  • Presentation and analysis of program statistics

  • Program enhancement proposal

  • Strategic planning for optimizing application cycle and attracting top applicants

NuHealth is updating its reporting process and custom reports will be available again in the coming year.